This jelly was inspired by the second book in the Outlander Series, "Dragonfly In Amber", where the story is set in  1744, during his meetings with prominent Jacobites in the brothels of Paris, Jamie refuses to be entertained by the les fils, which amuses his companions. Tired of their teasing, Jamie informs them that his faithfulness to his wife Claire is purely in the interest of self-preservation, for she is La Dame Blanche – a white lady, believed to possess supernatural powers. The men – quite drunk by this point – believe the tale, and cease mocking Jamie. It should also be noted that the second source of inspiration for this jelly was the original pale and ghostly sour cocktail was created by bartender Harry MacElhone in 1919 and originally featured crème de menthe in place of gin and was featured at Harry's American Bar in Paris, along with the French 75 Cocktail.

LA DAME BLANCHE (The White Lady)

  • Water, Gin, CointreauL emon Juice, Orange Extract, Sugar and Pectin

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