In November 2019, Brandon Stanton, the creator of the story blog, Humans of New York brought us a tale of a colorful burlesque Queen named Tanqueray, aka "Auntie Stephanie", who has as many stories as there are stars in the sky.... and she has  the receipts.Those of us that have been following her story on Instagram @humansofnewyork since last week have been captivated by her story of struggle, triumph and survival, but she still needs our help.

Creative minds draw inspiration from all sorts of sources. In reading her story, Miss Jenny's Jellies was inspired to create a jelly in her honor based on the tales that she told. 


Hence,the creation of the Tanqueray Chocolate Martini Cocktail Jelly.
For a short time, this limited edition will be available at Miss Jenny'sJellies and Jams and will be on sale and is available in a 4 oz size recyclable glass jar. . 


Because this item is hand made on demand, please allow for two weeks (2) for delivery from the date of purchase when the order is placed. We appreciate your patience in this matter.


Proceeds from the sell of this special cocktail jelly will be donated to The Tanqueray Trust.


Please note that today (9-28-2020) is the final day of Stephanie's story, meaning we're also nearing the end of our fundraiser. The purpose of this fundraiser is to compensate Stephanie directly for her story, so that her healthcare and financial security are ensured for the remainder of her life. Thanks to everyone who's given so far, Stephanie's life has been completely transformed. If you've been enjoying her story so far-- and haven't already-- please consider making a contribution.


  • Sugar, Pectin,  Taqueray Gin and Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

  • Upon request, an alcohol-free version is available and will be made with juniper syrup and chocolate syrup.